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The corporate world is currently one of the largest grocery chains in the world. Founded in 1866 by German pharmacist Henri, the company originally introduced "FarineLactee"; a mixture of flour and milk to feed babies and reduce mortality.
The business is now a global business. Unlike other international companies, it has executives from different countries and tries to make global decisions. Example of a case study With Solutions currently has more than 500 offices worldwide and a network in 86 countries.


The aim of the business corporation is to improve people's quality of life by providing healthy food. It helps create a better and healthier future by ensuring the long-term success of the company


Case Study Example With Solutions' vision is to provide its customers with healthy, quality and safe food. Business photo showcasing Build a skilled workforce that will help grow your business


Case Study Example With Solutions' mission is to be a leader in today's food marketplace with a strong belief in “Food Better Life”. The aim is to offer customers a range of healthy and best options. The focus is on providing consumers with the best food day and night.


Case Study Examples with Solutions offers a variety of articles for consumers. In 2011, the company was listed as the most profitable organization.

Goals and Goals

• The company sets goals taking into account the company's vision and mission. These goals are listed below.
• It is not the company's goal to achieve landfill status. It works absolutely waste-free, no factory waste ends up in the landfill. It motivates employees to make the most of by-products. (Company, About Us, 2017).
• Another goal of the case study examples with solutions is to minimize food waste during production. Most of the time, the food produced is wasted before it reaches the customer.
• Another thing companies are working on is improved packaging to reduce these complications and ensure consumers a quality product.
• Meet global environmental requirements.
• Build trusting relationships with customers, business partners, employees and governments.

The core problem

More recently, business has become more focused on an NPV approach and devoted more revenue to R&D technology. The country is investing more in acquisitions and mergers to support the NPV approach. The company fell short of targets as Display H forecast a 10% annual revenue increase and a 20% improvement in operating margin. The focus needs to be more on sales than on innovative technology. Failure to do so may result in a lower win rate. (Henderson, 2012).

Situation analysis.

Analysis of the current strategy, vision and goals

Current commercial technology is based on the principles of Nutrition, Health and Wellbeing (NHW). The strategy includes the concept of changing customers' food choices and making foods healthier in light of health concerns.
The vision of the strategy is based on a key approach: 60/40+, which simply means that products are scored 60% based on their taste and 40% based on their nutritional value. Unlike any other product on the market, these products offer additional nutritional benefits that increase their nutritional value.
This approach has been used to bring tastier and more nutritious food and beverages to market than ever before. Competing with other companies aims to maintain consumer trust as customers increasingly trust companies.

quantitative Analyse.

R&D costs as a percentage of sales decreased while actual costs increased. This suggests that revenue is growing faster than R&D costs, allowing the company to spend more on R&D.
Net sales margins are increasing while research and development as a percentage of sales is falling. The indicator also showed support for research and development spending and mergers and acquisitions.
The increase in the company's financial commitment ratio is due to M&A and R&D spending rather than the payment of financial commitments. This rising level of debt puts financial institutions at risk of corporate failure and could lead to lower stock prices. In response to the rising financial debt ratio, companies should therefore not invest too much in research and development and repay existing debt in order to reduce the threat to investors.
The increasing share of investors in financial commitments and the risk of a drop in the share price are reflected in the sharp drop in earnings per share of Solutions shares.
The company's revenue growth is also slower compared to M&A due to slow consumer understanding. This slow development also discourages companies from further investing in their acquisitions (Business, Business Financial Reporting, 2006-2010).
Note: The above analysis is based on the calculations and graphs in Appendices D and E.


2 Using the analysis, many techniques can be derived based on the SWOT analysis given above. A brief summary of the TWOS analysis can be found in Appendix H.

Strategies to take advantage of opportunities

Massive R&D spending and mergers and acquisitions have forced the industry to bring more and more sophisticated products to market. It can increase company's market share and increase company's revenue margin. It can also give a company a long-term competitive advantage over its peers.
Global business growth should focus on conquering developing world markets through growth and attracting more customers through customer loyalty. This can increase the company's customer base since the country of residence has more residents than developed countries.

Strategies to overcome weaknesses to seize opportunities

Case study examples and solutions. Case study solutions (1)Case study example When it comes to solutions, takeovers and mergers should be approached with caution as they can impact how consumers and society perceive business. It should be paired with companies that have a good reputation in the market as healthy food companies. It will improve the customer's perception of the company.
Rather than just investing in R&D for development, companies should focus on the cost of R&D and not the cost of various nutritional programs. This will increase the cost-efficiency of its projects, which will lead to higher revenues due to lower interest rates and profit margins.

Strategies for using strengths to deal with threats

Businesses should be relocated not only to developing countries but also to developed countries. It should expand its circle to other countries, like Unilever, which does business in more than 170 countries.

Strategies to overcome weaknesses to avoid threats

Case Study Examples With Solutions had to carefully manage its acquisitions to avoid the risk of customers getting the wrong idea about the company. It should acquire and merge countries with good intentions to become a healthy company in the market. Not only will this improve customers' understanding of the business, but it will also increase the company's sales, profit margin and market share. This allows the company to leverage its potential resources efficiently in other areas of its business as well, instead of allowing acquisitions of these companies to slow the growth of the NPV strategy.

Segment Analysis

Demographic Breakdown

The classification into company groups is based on four factors: age, gender, income and occupation. The company manufactures some products for children like Cerelac, Nido etc. and products for adults namely candies. Case study examples Solutions' products are quite economical at almost all levels, but the main target group is the upper-middle class in terms of income level.

geographic segmentation

The business geography includes offices in nearly 86 countries. Geographic classifications are based on two main factors: the average income level of consumers and the region's climate. For example, companies in Singapore are classified according to the weather in the region, i. H. hot, warm or cold.

psychological segmentation

The psychographic segmentation of the cases is based on the client's personality and lifestyle. Business 3 in 1 Coffee is aimed at customers with a rather hectic lifestyle and little time.

behavioral segmentation

Example of a case study At Solutions, behavioral segmentation is based on consumer mindset, knowledge and awareness. Nutrient-rich foods are aimed at health-conscious consumers.

Case study examples with alternative solutions

There are two ways to keep the brand on the market and protect customers from brand damage:
Alternatives: 1
Companies spend more on acquisitions than on research and development.
1. The acquisition will increase the total assets of the company and increase the assets of the company. However, research and development spending will be a sunk cost.
2. If the company stops implementing its technology, the company can resell the purchased units in the market. However, quantified R&D investments may not be revived and may be considered fully sunk costs if they do not deliver the desired results.
3. Investing in R&D slows down sales because it takes a long time to bring a product to market. However, the takeover brought quick results, as the company offered an already developed project that could be launched shortly after the takeover.
1. Acquiring a company that is not aligned with the company's values, such as B. Krafts Foods, can leave the company with consumer misconceptions about the core business value of wholesome and wholesome products.
2. Spending more on acquisitions than R&D indicates a company's inability to create innovative products, which can also lead to consumer disappointment.
3. A major acquisition outside of R&D would expand the company's product range in an existing market and prevent the company from introducing entirely new innovative products.
Alternatives: 2.
Companies should invest more in research and development than in acquisitions.
1. This allows the company to produce more innovative products.
2. Give the company a strong competitive advantage in the market.
3. By presenting a viable product in an entirely new market segment, the company can increase its target audience.
4. Innovative projects bring long-term benefits and high market shares.
1. It reduces the company's profit margin.
2. If this fails, all R&D costs are considered sunk costs and affect the entire company. The danger does not lie in acquisitions.
3. It will not increase the company's wealth, which may send an unfavorable signal to investors and lead to a decrease in the cost of shares.
Option 3:
Acquisitions and mergers continued, and significant investments were made in R&D projects.
Case study examples and solutions. Case study solutions (2)Advantage:
1. This will allow the company to bring new and innovative products to market, reducing the risk of R&D expenses becoming sunk costs.
2. The company's total assets will increase with the increase in R&D investment, which will be a positive signal for investors.
3. Compared to alternative 2, this does not have a significant impact on the company's sales margin.
4. It will provide the company with a strong market position in the long term, both in terms of the company's overall value and innovative products.
1. The risk of R&D expenditures becoming sunk costs is higher than option 1 but lower than option 2.
2. The risk of misunderstanding during adoption is higher than option 2 and lower than option 1.
3. Fewer innovative products are introduced than Alternative 2 and more types of innovative products are introduced than Alternative 1.

Case study example with solution summary

Case study examples and solutions. Case study solutions (3)The company has effectively institutionalized its technology and culture to adapt to market changes and customer behavior, which ultimately helps it maintain market share. The company has significant market share and brand recognition in the urban market. It is recommended that companies focus on rural areas in terms of developing brand engagement, brand awareness and brand value. This can be achieved by creating specific brand rewards techniques through a trade marketing strategy that clearly differentiates the solution project case study example from other competitor offerings.

Case study example with solution exhibition


State aid

Changing global food demand.

increase market share.Changing assumptions about healthier productsImprovements in the research and development and quality assurance departments.

Introduce electronic marketing.

No effect if beneficial.Recyclingprobleme.

use of resources.

competitive analysis

PursueUnileverKraft FoodsDanone
sales growthUntil I can see those 7000The largest companies grow below the organization7echeapest
R&D expenditureThe best look is 2002Bester After-Sales-Service5echeapest
InternetgewinnMost likely due to rapid growth from 2007 to 2016 in 2008 due to Alcon's sale in 2014.Almost synonymous with Kraft Foods uniformalmost equivalent to unilevernot applicable
Competitive advantageFoods with nutritious and healthy factorsAs many brands as possible with sustainable practicesThe world's largest confectionery and refined food brandThe world's largest dairy and bottled water brand
SplitsGlobal middle and upper middle class consumersSpecific consumer and stewardship teamsClient teams of different ages and incomesGlobal middle and upper middle class customers
number of brands3e1e7eNumber 8

quantitative Analyse

Analysis of the annual accounts (million CHF)
year 20062007year 200820092010
Internetgewinn3,47 %7,33 %51,42 %5,64 %12,63 %
EPS (earnings per share)23.123.385,844.2465,44
always active61923779351682936633556667846
total debt4435661515321896251188143
Assets and Liabilities91 %94 %84 %57 %37 %
R&D expenditure41827714568443641972
R&D expenditure as a percentage of sales5,86 %9,23 %8,86 %7,76 %9,53 %

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