Hot Tubs and Spa Error Codes (2023)

Hot Tubs and Spa Error Codes (1)

Remember that water and electricity are a deadly combination and do not mix.

Use any information contained in this document AT YOUR OWN RISK. We are not responsible for any injury that may result from troubleshooting or installing any electrical components in your whirlpool spa unit.

Error codes indicate a problem and give you a good idea of ​​what's wrong, as long as you know what to look for. Below are the error codes, but we provide a quick guide to the most common errors and solutions.

Balboa Spa Page Error Codes



Gecko Spa Page Error Codes

  • FLO: Defective pressure switch, open switch
  • FLC: Pressure switch error, switch closed
  • Prr: temperature sensor error
  • Prh: high limit sensor fault
  • HL: sensor measures 119 degrees
  • FrE: Possible Frost Condition Detected
(Video) 5 Common HOT TUB Error Codes / Error Code On The HOT TUB Topside ?

Error codes on the spa side of the spa

  • OH = Overheat protection (heating is disabled, low speed pumps are enabled).
  • • COOL = Spa water is more than 20°F cooler than temperature set point.
  • • FLO = flow switch (Heater is off. Pump may also be off).
  • Hold = The control panel sensors have been pressed too many times in a short period of time.
  • HOT = The board temperature has exceeded the acceptable limit.
  • ICE = antifreeze. No action is required.
  • ICE2 = antifreeze. No action is required.
  • PnL = communication error between panel and board.
  • ---- = "Watchdog" (Spa disabled) A problem was detected.
  • Sn1 = Open sensor (heater off) or short-circuited sensor (spa off).
  • Sn3 = Sensor open or short-circuited (heating disabled).
  • FLO2 = Flow switch closed or shorted at system start

Spa Quip Spa Secondary Error Codes

  • SpaQuip Davey Troubleshooting
  • SpaQuip Davey Error Codes Explanation
  • SpaQuip Davey resets for drivers
  • Error 1 (H20): Prime failed
  • Error 3: Stuck Button - Likely cause is a faulty top control
  • Error 4: No water sensor
  • Error 5: Excess temperature
  • err 6: Thermal cutout activated: This error means that the temperature sensor inside the heater has detected temperatures that could damage the heater; Therefore, the heater will not turn on until it has cooled below 38°C and the system has been reset (power cycled). Possible causes are an air pocket in the system, lack of flow through the heater (can be caused by dirty filters, closed valves, or a faulty circulation pump), a faulty sensor, or a faulty circuit board.
  • Received from Monarch regarding Error 6 -
    • Check that the valves and nozzles are OK and that the filter is clean.
    • Does the pump work correctly?
    • Then you need to check if the flow of water in the heater is sufficient and remove the air by unscrewing it.
    • then do a reboot
  • Error 7: Relay stuck
  • Error 8: No temperature data
  • 01: Button stuck
  • 02: No controller data
  • 03: temperature sensor
  • 04: water sensor
  • 05: Excessive temperature in the spa
  • 06: Heater Thermal Shutdown
  • 07: Stuck heater relay
  • 09: Water supply failure

Error codes on the Sundance Spa site

  • ILOC: Lock error - possible bomb or ozone spike
  • FLO: Malfunction of the pressure switch
  • Hold: Panel buttons repeatedly pressed too fast
  • HOT: PCB temperature above acceptable limit - fans on
  • ICE: Possible freezing condition
  • Pnl: Loss of communication between PCB and panel
  • Sn1: high limit sensor failure
  • Sn3: temperature sensor error

Hydro-Quip Spa Side Error Codes

  • C = centigrade
  • CL = current time of day
  • ECdu = duration of economy mode
  • Econ = economy mode activated
  • F = Fahrenheit
  • Fldu = Filterzykluszeit
  • Flon = turn on filter cycle
  • FLC = pressure switch alarm
  • FLO = pressure switch alarm
  • FREE = antifreeze alarm
  • HL = high temperature alarm
  • Loc = control panel / keyboard locked
  • PrH = Alarm two temperature sensors
  • Prr = temperature sensor alarm
  • Tu = Set temperature in Celsius
  • Tu = temperature setting in Fahrenheit

Error codes flashing on the spa page

  • 1 blink - 3 second interval High limit error
  • 2 flashes - 3 second interval Pressure/Flow switch shorted
  • 3 flashes - 3 second interval Pressure/Flow switch open circuit
  • 4 flashes: 3 second interval sensor(s) open circuit
  • Flash - 1 second on, 1 second off Like OH
  • Flashing: Off briefly once per second As Sn1 or Sn3
  • Flashing - ON briefly once per second Same as FLC
  • Flashing Power Indicator – Hydromate has experienced a high threshold or sensor error
  • 1 blink per second - Onga 4352, 53, 95, etc. Pressure switch open - could also be engine or thermal overload of the engine
  • 3 flashes per second: Onga 4352, 53, 95, etc. Electronic failure: sensor (most common cause) or PCB
  • Flashing Green - Defective Spaquip Pulsar/Series 2095 Water Sensor - no water
  • Alternating red/green flashing Temperature sensor failure, open circuit, or high limit tripped - Press reset lever

What do the codes really mean!

The following videos are for reference only and may not directly relate to your hot tub and system. Always consult the professionals! See below for further explanation:

FLO, FLC, FL, FL1, PS, flashing lights

Pressure/Flow Switch Failure:

These codes are related to flow or pressure switch/flow switch problems and are by far the most common error codes. These error codes have many causes. The main reason is the flow of water through the spa's control system. If the water does not flow at a rate that satisfies the pressure switch, one of the above error codes will occur.

Rule number 1 is always fill the spa (not with the pressure filter tank) after draining it by placing the hose in the filter compartment (remove the filter), this fills the spa from the inside out instead of putting the hose in in the vat (filled from the outside in) and is the main cause of FLO errors.

However, if you have the error, first turn off the spa, do not drain it, remove the filter and check that all jets are open (as best you can). Then restart the spa if the error code cleared, the problem was a dirty filter (clean or replace), or too many jets turned off.

(Video) 3 Flashing Dots Error Code On Hot Tub Topside ?

To verify activation: With power off, disconnect wires going to pressure switch. Make sure they don't touch anything. Turn the pump on low and turn it on. Check the switch poles for ohms with the meter. You have to have continuity. If not, and you know flow isn't the problem, most pressure switches have an adjustment ring that varies the pressure required to activate. Counterclockwise rotations decrease the required pressure. Turn off the device before doing any configuration! Adjust slowly and try again. ATTENTION, if you cross the line, the pressure switch can activate with the pump off. That's the last thing you want!!! Always check if the heating is turned off by the pump! If you are sure there is flow but the pressure switch does not activate, you can remove it and make sure there is no debris blocking it. The pressure switches are in contact with the water, if you remove them the water will come out (or should come out).

NOTE: Most spas are equipped with pressure switches and are bolted to the stainless steel heating manifold. Flow monitors are connected according to the pipeline. You can also check the pressure switch or flow switch with an ohmmeter. If the water does not flow, it should be ON, not OFF, if it is closed, replace it. In most cases, it's worth replacing the pressure/flow switch for this code because even if that doesn't fix the problem, you've eliminated the most common error from your diagnosis and have a highly unpredictable part in stock for the future.

Other problems associated with these trouble codes include dirt that has wrapped around the pump impeller. Click here to see how to remove and check (I would do this as a last ditch effort) or one of the gate valves is not fully open. The most common valve; The T-handle valve (also known as a gate or gate valve) indicates that the handle is raised, but in many cases the gate is still half closed. Make sure it is fully open. You may have to take the accessories apart to get a look (again, big job at the bottom of your list)

OH, OHH, OHS, OHt, HL, HiLi, Sn2, Sn3, tS, Ht, luces intermitentes

The above error codes are related to a temperature sensor error, overheating issues, or a flow issue. If your hot tub is really overheating, it could be caused by two things: the temperature sensor is faulty, or the relays on the circuit board that operates the heater are stuck, causing an overheating problem. Replace circuit board.

If your spa is not overheating and you are getting the above error codes, there are a few things to look into. Depending on where the temperature sensor is mounted; Flow problems can usually occur on the spa wall in a sensor mount. Turn spa off, remove filter, and make sure all jets are open. Then turn the system back on if the error code is gone, the problem was a dirty filter (clean or replace), or too many nozzles closed. In most cases, overheating issues are related to the relays on the board or the temperature sensor has failed and needs to be replaced. A replacement temperature sensor for this code is worth it because even if it doesn't fix the problem, you've eliminated the most common error from your diagnosis and have a highly unpredictable part in stock for the future.

FINAL NOTE: Temperature sensors must be mounted on a sensor bracket on the spa wall and not behind the heater manifold guard with the high limit sensor. The temperature sensor is the larger of the two silver markers.

The panel displays HH, OOH:

At least one of the sensors has measured water temperatures of 48.0 °C in the heater.


The control panel displays OH,OHS:

One of the sensors has determined that the temperature of the water entering the heater is 43.5°C and therefore the water in the hot tub is likely to be that hot.

These indicate that the spa has shut down due to overheating:

(Video) Canadian Spa Company Hot Tub Sensor A Error Code Reset

Surveillance:Overheating may occur if the pump runs at low speed for a long time or the wrong pump is installed. In rare cases (usually in warmer climates), the circulation pump can also cause overheating.

Below is a list of the most likely causes of this message. Check these first:

  • Check disc or ball valves. Make sure they are open.
  • Make sure the correct pump is installed.
  • Clean the filter/skimmer if it is clogged.
  • Check the alignment of the heating elements.
  • Check for deposits on the heating element.
  • In extremely hot climates, make sure the cabinet is adequately ventilated.
  • Make sure the temperature sensor is fully inserted into the sensor holder on the heater.
  • Check if the filter life is excessive. Note: A common programming error is overlapping filter times, which can cause the spa to continuously filter.
  • Check the water level.
  • Check the water temperature with an accurate temperature thermometer. Remove the spa cover and allow the water to cool below 42.0°C. Cold water may need to be refilled. Touch any button to reset the system. If the water is still warmer than the set temperature, press the fan button (if applicable) to cool the spa.

If the problem persists, try the sensor array.

Dashboard indicators: HL, HFL

This indicates that a significant temperature difference was detected between the sensors during warm-up.

This could indicate a flow problem. Check the water level in the hot tub. Refuel if necessary. If the water level is good, make sure the pumps are primed.

On the fifth occurrence of the above message, the operator panel displays -LF

This indicates a continuous flow problem.

The heater will shut off while all other spa functions continue to function normally. The spa must be turned on and off before the heater will work again.

SN, Sn1, Sn2 Sn3, HL, E1, E3, Prh, HtS, Luzes Piscando

Again, this could be due to a flow issue. First, turn off the spa, remove the filter, and make sure all jets are open. Then turn the system back on if the error code is gone, the problem was a dirty filter (clean or replace), or too many nozzles closed.

(Video) HOW TO: Fix an EO2 error | Lay-Z-Spa, Coleman Saluspa, BestWay Saluspa, Inflatable Spas

Then place your hand on the stainless steel heating manifold, it should NOT be hot but at the same temperature as the spa water. If it is hot, you have a flow problem, or if it stays hot after the pump is turned off, the pressure switch is stuck (see FLO error codes above) or the relays on the circuit board are stuck and sending current constant to the heater. If all of these tests check and do not resolve the trouble code issues, you may have a faulty high limit sensor. FINAL NOTE: The high limit sensor is located behind a shield on the stainless steel heater manifold and is the smaller of the two silver markings.

Other issues that can cause these trouble codes include dirt that has wrapped around the pump impeller or one of the valves that is not fully open. The most common valve; The T-handle valve indicates that the handle is raised, but in many cases the gate is still half closed. Make sure it is fully open. You may have to remove the accessories to see inside. (do this as a last try or call the professional)

The control panel displays Sn,SnS:

This indicates that the sensors are unbalanced.
If it alternates with the temperature, it could just be a temporary condition. If it only blinks, the spa is off.

The control panel shows Cd, CLd:

This indicates that a sensor is detecting a possible frost condition. This is a normal spa function; No additional action is required. If one of the sensors reads less than 4.5°C, the system provides freeze protection. Runs the pump (and heater, if applicable) automatically to circulate the water and heat the lines. The device will remain on until the sensors detect that the spa temperature has risen 8.0°C from the set temperature. The other pumps and the fan are purged for 30 seconds to 2 minutes at the end of the freeze condition. If pump 1 was turned on for this reason only, this message will appear up to two minutes after cold water is detected.

Note: The built-in freeze protection will only work if the spa has adequate power and the control system is operational.

zeigt IC board, iCE and:

This indicates that the auxiliary sensor has detected a possible freeze condition. This is a normal spa function; No additional action is required.
When the auxiliary sensor reads approximately 40 F- (actual temperature depends on the specific auxiliary sensor used), the system provides freeze protection. Automatically runs all pumps and blower to circulate water and heat pipe.

Note: This additional freeze protection is active at all times, even when another fault condition has occurred that would otherwise have shut down the spa.

The panel shows dr, dry:

This indicates that there is not enough water in the heater. This could indicate poor flow or air bubbles in the heater.


How do you clear a hot tub error code? ›

Increasing the hot tub water level and filter resolutions

Switch off the power, remove the filters, wait around 20 minutes (as this will allow the sensor to clear the fault), switch the power back on and run the jets without the filters to see if it clears the flow issue.

What does F1 F2 F3 mean on a hot tub? ›

The filter program also controls how the spa heater operates as follows: • Standard filter programs (F0, F1, F2, F3): Heater activates anytime water temperature drops 2 degrees below the set temperature (Jets 1 low speed also activates on non-Circulation Pump models). •

What does F2 F4 F6 f8 mean on a hot tub? ›

Your spa has multiple filtration cycles: F2, F4, F6, and FC. F2 – Filtration cycle will run for 2 hours, every 12 hours. F4 - Filtration cycle will run for 4 hours, every 12 hours. F6 - Filtration cycle will run for 6 hours, every 12 hours. FC – Filtration cycle will run continuously.

Why is my hot tub saying E02? ›

The E02 error code can occur when the filters are dirty or blocked. KINKED OR BENT LINER PIPES.

Why does my hot tub keep saying error? ›

This may be due to a lack of water in the spa, dirty filters, an air bubble in the piping, or a problem with the circulation pump. Low flow ! Check that there is enough water flow in the heater. This may be due to a lack of water in the spa, dirty filters, or from an air bubble in the piping.

What does F1 F8 mean on a hot tub? ›

Filtration Cycles run from F1 to F8 (F1 = 1 hour every 12 hours / F8 = 8 hours every 12 hours). Preset cycle set from factory is F1, so if in ec or sl mode your water will not reach desired temperature.

What does F4 mean on hot tub? ›

F2, F4, F6 - Displayed by some hot tubs to show how long they are set to filter. F2 = 4 hours, F4 = 8 hours and F6 = 12 hours. Hold - Displayed when panels buttons have been hit too many times, or too quickly.

What does F2 code mean on hot tub? ›

The F2 error code is usually from a balboa power pack system and normally is referring to a flow issue in your hot tub. There are a few things you can look for when trouble shooting an F2 error code on your hot tub. First it is always a good idea to cut the power to the unit and let it cool down and then reset it.

Why is my hot tub saying E03? ›

Is there an E03 error code displaying on your Lay-Z-Spa pump? This means the ambient air temperature is too low.

How do you fix an e2 error on a hot tub? ›

If the water stops flowing as soon as you reconnect the filter (and you then get E02), it means the filter is the only thing obstructing water flow. To fix: - Replace the filters!

What does F1 mean on hot tub? ›

The error code FL1, FLO or a message "Open Flow Switch" means that your hot tub is not detecting sufficient water movement when the pump is running. In older Jacuzzis, the top-side display will switch between showing the current temperature and the message "FLO".

How do I fix E2 error? ›

“E2” – Low Pressure: The pressure of the compressor is too low. The 'Error' LED will be on. Solution: Clean filters & coils. Verify Power.

What does E2 error mean? ›

The E1 or E2 error code is an Auto-Stop Protection Error, indicating an issue detected by a sensor. This error code will require service. The E3 error code displays when an Abnormal Operation Protection Error has occurred, and activates to protect the unit from damage.

What does E08 mean on my hot tub? ›

Is there an E08 error code displaying on your Lay-Z-Spa pump? This means your Lay-Z-Spa pump is experiencing a power supply issue. We recommend following these troubleshooting steps to get back in your Lay‑Z‑Spa in no time.

How do I fix lazy spa error code e02? ›

Please follow these steps to resolve this:
  1. Remove the spa pump from the liner, with the stopper caps placed on the inside. ...
  2. Empty the spa fully of water.
  3. Remove the stopper caps and place a hose on the inside of the spa, up against the debris screen.
  4. Complete this for 5 minutes on each debris screen.

What does E05 mean on a hot tub? ›


WATER FLOW ISSUE. REASON, WATER FLOW ISSUE. This error code is visible if there is an issue with the water flow sensors in the pump body.

What does E5 mean on hot tub? ›

E5 - PROBLEM: High water temperature indicator, All functions do not work, beeping warning, The filled water is over 50°C(122°F) – SOLUTIONS: Unplug the Control unit and contact your dealer for service. E6 - PROBLEM: Water pressure is not high enough to activate heating, Not heating and filtering properly.

How do I troubleshoot my spa control panel? ›

No Display on Topside Control Panel
  1. Reset Spa Controller, power down and restart.
  2. Check for condensation under display glass.
  3. Check cable for crimps or any visible damage.
  4. Clean plug-in cable connections on both ends.
  5. Check power at Transformer on control circuit board.
  6. Check power at fuse on spa control circuit board.

How much does it cost to replace a hot tub control panel? ›

Cost to Replace a Spa Pack / Controls: Digital Spa Packs average $750. Control systems average $450. Cost to Replace Spa Jets: The cost to replace a spa jet varies from $20-$50 on average.

What does error code F1 mean? ›

Ideal officially defines the F1 fault code as low water pressure. As the name implies, this is typically caused by low pressure within the central heating system. Pressure can be lost from the system gradually over time, until eventually too much is lost that the system can no longer operate normally.

What does code SL mean on hot tub? ›

SLEEP MODE (Sl): In this mode, your hot tub will heat the water up to the set temperature but only during the filtering cycles. You have the option to set each filter cycle to run anywhere from 30 minutes to 6 hours, with each cycle in increments of 30 mins.

How do I fix Code 6 on a spa? ›

This error indicates that the safety over temperature cut out on the heater has operated.
  1. Ensure the spa is at the correct fill level and has been filled via the filter housing, if the water level is low fill the spa and reset as it is likely an air lock has formed. ...
  2. Remove the filter and ensure all jets are open, Reset.

What does FF mean on a hot tub? ›

Filter Cycle Frequency

What does CF mean on hot tub? ›

KB : 000001027 - Published Date : April 14, 2021. The "CF" or "Change Filter" message is a reminder to clean or replace your filters (no error has occurred). The reminder is based on a timer and not a sensor. To clear the message you can reset your change filter timer. Ensure that you clean your filters regularly.

What is error 7 on spa power? ›

Error 7 = STUCK RELAY This error indicates a problem with the heater control circuitry inside the unit. Error 8 = NO TEMPERATURE DATA This error indicates a problem with the digital temperature sensor in the heater. It might be caused by the sensor being disconnected or by damage to the sensor.

What causes HL code on hot tub? ›

An HL error usually means there is a blockage, preventing water from circulating around the pump & heating system. The blockage can be caused by a dirty/old filter, a blocked impeller or limescale build-up, especially if you live in an area with hard water.

What is error code E6? ›

E6 errors are caused when the machine can not read the embedded chip that is in the roll of film (RFID Tag). The most likely cause is the chip in the roll of film, try a different roll of film first.

What does E6 mean on hot tub? ›

The E6 error code on your hot tub usually refers to a reduction or stoppage of water pressure. The E6 code is a warning that there is not sufficient water flow for the power pack to continue operating without possible damage. The power pack must shut down for self preservation.

How do I fix E5 error on my hot tub? ›

If an E5 error code appears on your CosySpa hot tub, please check the water line in the pool is between the maximum and minimum limits outlined on the inside of the liner. If the water is not between these levels, please adjust the water levels accordingly by emptying water or filling with water as needed.

What is error code E02 Komatsu? ›

What is error code E02? E02 signifies that a motor or encoder timeout error has occurred. The controller is giving a command to the motor to move but it hasn't gone anywhere or the encoder hasn't sent the correct signal back.

What does e1 mean on a hot tub? ›

This means your Lay-Z-Spa pump is experiencing a water sensor issue.

What does IC mean on hot tub? ›

When filling* your hot tub in cold conditions a warning message 'IC' or 'ICE' may appear. This is to inform you that the water temperature is below 7.2°C (45°F) and open to the risk of freezing.

What does HH mean on my hot tub? ›

HH – Overheating

Your spa has detected an excessively high temperature at the sensor in the heater chamber. The hot tub is shutting down to protect users from dangerously hot water.

How do I reset the e02 on my hot tub? ›

Turn the spa off. Remove the complete filter housing off the inside of the liner. Turn the spa back on, after completing the full reset on the pump and PRCD.
Please follow these steps to resolve this:
  1. Remove the stopper caps.
  2. Turn the pump off and on at the power supply.
  3. Press the reset button.

How do you fix an e3 error on a hot tub? ›

  1. Remove the pump from the spa by placing the stopper caps on the inside of the spa over the debris screens.
  2. Carry the spa pump indoors or to a warmer place.
  3. Leave this within a warm area for 2 to 3 hours for the internal parts to warm up.
  4. Once the spa pump has warmed up, the error code should disappear.

Where is the high limit reset button on my hot tub? ›

The High Limit Switch Needs to Be Reset or Replaced

Simply reset by pressing the big red button on your spa pack. The high limit switch may be housed in a thermowell. If the water temperature in the thermowell is the same as the water temperature in the rest of the spa, the switch is damaged and needs to be replaced.

What does error code E02 mean on eternal hot water heater? ›

Error Code E02

Ignition failure, possibly originating from a dirty flame detector rod. The unit should be checked by a certified and trained technician.

How do you fix E02 on a lazy Spa? ›

If the water stops flowing as soon as you reconnect the filter (and you then get E02), it means the filter is the only thing obstructing water flow. To fix: - Replace the filters!

What is error code E02? ›

The thermostat will display error code E02 if the password to the home router was entered incorrectly. The thermostat will automatically progress to the Wi-Fi Set Up screen after 30 seconds. Was this article helpful?

What does E3 and F5 error code? ›

Possible Solutions

The F5 E3 alert indicates there is issue with the lid lock. Do not force the lid open, as permanent damage could occur. Remove any objects from the lid and clear any obstructions. Touch POWER to exit cycle, then touch POWER again to release lid.

What is a e1 error on a hot tub? ›

Is there an E01 error code displaying on your Lay-Z-Spa pump? This means your Lay-Z-Spa pump is experiencing a water sensor issue.

Can a limit switch be reset? ›

You can try resetting the furnace limit switch yourself if you have a newer model by turning off the furnace for 30 seconds and then turning it back on. However, if this does not work or the furnace repeatedly shuts down, calling heating experts to reverse or reset the limit switch is a good idea.


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