Instacart Mastercard Review - Get 5% Refund On Grocery Delivery (2023)

vonInstacart MasterCardIs arefund credit cardThere's a twist. Get 5% back on eligible Instacart app and spend with no limit or restriction on how much you can earn.

In addition, the Instacart Mastercard offers a sign-up bonus worth about $200 for the first year as a cardholder.

If you frequentInstacart buyers, this card clearly deserves a closer look. If you're a fan of another grocery delivery app, this one might convince you to switch to Instacart. In any case, read on to learn more about what to expect from the Instacart Mastercard and to find out if it's right for you.

What makes Instacart MasterCard different

The Instacart Mastercard has some notable features that may not be entirely unique, but help set it apart from other cashback credit cards.

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  • Free Instacart+ membership.Perhaps not surprising given the map's name, but welcome nonetheless. If you regularly buy groceries through Instacart, this benefit will save you a ton of money (probably over $100) a year.
  • Multiple ways to earn 5% cashback.This card gives you 5% cashback not only on Instacart purchases (again, no surprise), but also on eligible Chase Travel purchases. As such, it's a great option for frequent travelers who haven't specifically applied for an annual pass like Chase Sapphire Preferred or Reserve.
  • Large selection of 2% cashback categories.This card has several comprehensive 2% cashback categories: restaurants, gas stations and certain streaming services. It sure is more than just a grocery credit card.

Key features of the Instacart Mastercard

With great sign-up rewards, Instacart premium membership, and a generous cashback program, the Instacart Mastercard isn't just for grocery shopping. These are the main features and benefits.

sign-up bonus

If you sign up for this card and are approved, you will immediately receive a $100 Instacart credit in your Instacart account. You also get a year of free Instacart+, currently worth $99 per year.

Note that after the first year, Instacart+ memberships will automatically renew at the then current price. You can cancel at any time prior to the renewal date.

Benefits of Instacart+ Membership

Instacart+ membership offers a number of obvious financial benefits for frequent Instacart users:

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  • Shipping is $0 on orders $35 or more - shipping usually starts at $3.99 for non-Instacart+ orders
  • Reduced service costs for all Instacart orders

If you are including multiple retailers in a single Instacart order, a minimum purchase amount of $35 is required for each order. For example, if you have an order from three different retailers, you must spend at least $35 at each retailer or at least $105 total to receive free shipping on your order.

Earn cashback rewards

Instacart Mastercard offers a generous cashback rewards program:

  • 5% cashback on eligible Instacart purchases, including Instacart app and orders
  • Receive 5% cashback on eligible Chase Travel purchases including flights, hotels, rental cars and more
  • Receive 2% cashback on eligible purchases at restaurants, gas stations and select streaming services
  • Receive 1% cashback on all other eligible purchases

There is no limit to how much cashback you can earn in these categories. Your points will not expire as long as your account remains open and in good standing.

Redeem Cashback Rewards

You can redeem the earned rewards for statement credits, gift cards and other cash equivalents. Once you have a reward balance, you can redeem any amount.

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additional benefits

The Instacart Mastercard offers some notable advantages of the World Elite Mastercard:

  • Free insurance for rental cars, also called collision damage insurance
  • Free travel insurance, including lost baggage compensation, delayed baggage insurance and travel accident insurance
  • Emergency services, including roadside assistance
  • Extended Warranty for Eligible Purchases

important surcharge

There are no annual fees or foreign transaction fees for the Instacart Mastercard. However, your Instacart+ membership will automatically renew annually at $99 per year unless you cancel - subject to change.

need credit

A good or better credit rating is required for the Instacart MasterCard. If you have limited credit or you have significant credit problems, you may not be eligible.

Advantages of the Instacart Mastercard

The Instacart MasterCard is perfect for frequent Instacart users who want predictable cashback on grocery delivery purchases. It also offers some other notable perks, including up to 5% cashback on non-Instacart purchases and a wide range of 2% cashback categories.

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  • Strong sign-up bonusesThe Instacart MasterCard has a powerful two-part sign-up bonus: $100 in Instacart Points and a free year of Instacart+ with an estimated value of $200 in the first year.
  • Receive up to 5% cashback on qualifying purchases. Instacart MasterCard Earn 5% cashback on purchases on and the Instacart app. You can also receive 5% cashback on eligible Chase Travel purchases, including flights, hotels and car rentals.
  • Large selection of 2% cashback categories. Instacart Mastercard Earn 2% cashback on three popular spending categories: restaurants, gas stations and certain streaming services. That's more than many no-annual-fee cards can claim.
  • no annual fee. There is no annual fee for the Instacart MasterCard, but the free Instacart+ membership for the first year will be charged again after that.
  • No fees for foreign transactions.This card does not charge foreign currency transaction fees for foreign currency consumption. This applies whether you're shopping abroad with foreign currency or online from a non-US retailer.

Disadvantages of Instacart Mastercard

The Instacart MasterCard has a few downsides, including an actual annual fee and mediocre base cashback when Instacart+ memberships auto-renew.

  • Instacart+ membership automatically renews after the first year. Instacart+ membership auto-renews after the first year for an actual annual fee of $99. You can cancel your membership at any time, but you will be charged an Instacart delivery and service fee.
  • Just 1% cashback on most purchases.The card's base cashback rate is mediocre: 1% on most purchases. If you want a real everyday map look for something likeCiti Double Cash Kart, get 2% cashback when you pay your bill in full each month.
  • No introductory campaign for the annual percentage rate of charge. Instacart Mastercard is not offering an introductory 0% APR promotion. If you're looking for a card with great balance transfers or pre-purchases, this isn't the one for you.

How the Instacart Mastercard accumulates

The Instacart Mastercard is the only co-branded credit card directly connected to the grocery delivery service. However, it is not entirely unique. Several other Chase credit cards offer special benefits to DoorDash users, includingChase Sapphire - Reservekarte.

Instacart MasterCardChase Sapphire - Reservekarte
Benefits of Grocery DeliveryFree Instacart+ for one yearFree DoorDash DashPass for at least 12 months
Instacart Rewards5% cashback on purchases at Instacart and Instacart.comNO
Hunt for travel rewardsReceive 5% cashback on trips purchased through the Chase Travel CenterEarn 5x to 10x points on eligible Chase Travel purchases
3x rewardNOUnlimited 3x points on most travel and restaurant purchases
2x reward2% cashback on purchases at restaurants, gas stations and selected streaming servicesNO
1x reward1% cashback on everything else1x point on all other eligible purchases
annual fee0 $550 $


vonInstacart MasterCardThe ideal companion for anyone who would rather order groceries via delivery service than shop in the store themselves. Receive 5% cashback on eligible Instacart purchases plus a free Instacart+ membership for the first year.

However, the Instacart Mastercard is not perfect. With its low base cashback rate if you don't cancel after the first year and an effective annual fee, Instacart+ is only for true Instacart lovers. If that doesn't sound like you, consider another cashback orTravel Rewards Credit Cards.

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How does the Instacart Mastercard work? ›

The Instacart Mastercard® offers generous rewards to the tune of 5% cash back on Instacart app and purchases, and on travel purchased through the Chase Travel Center, 2% cash back at restaurants, gas stations and on select streaming services and 1% cash back on all other purchases and carries a $0 annual ...

Does Instacart count as groceries for Amex? ›

Yes! Instacart counts as a supermarket or grocery store for Amex and has been coded as such!

What credit score do you need for the Instacart Mastercard? ›

The Instacart Mastercard® is not easy to get. The Instacart Credit Card is available to people who have Good credit or better, meaning a score of 700+. A sufficient credit score is not the only requirement for approval, either.

Does Instacart give you a credit card? ›

The credit or debit card gets issued by Instacart for the sole purpose of paying for groceries ordered through their app. Therefore, it's only good when shopping in person at one of Instacart's partner grocery store locations.

What is the 100 dollar Instacart credit? ›

The $100 account credit from the welcome offer can be applied to any Instacart purchase but cannot be used toward taxes, tips, gift cards, prescriptions, delivery fees or other service fees. Instacart+ costs $99 per year or $9.99 per month.

Can I use my Instacart card for gas? ›

2 answers. No. the gas is yours to pay. the card they give you can only be used for customer-requested items.

Do you pay more for groceries through Instacart? ›

How Much More Than In-Store Pricing are Instacart Prices? Because retailers set their prices in Instacart, there's no set fee or percentage you should expect to see when you shop in the app. Some Instacart users have reported average increases of 15-17% on grocery items, which seems to be average.

What expenses can I claim as an Instacart shopper? ›

You can deduct anything that is “ordinary and necessary” for your delivery job. That includes any insulated bags and blankets you buy to keep food orders warm. Remember: the IRS is strict about using business supplies for personal reasons, so if you ever need a hot bag outside of work, be sure to use a separate one.

How do customers pay for groceries on Instacart? ›

We accept many forms of payment—all major US and Canada credit and debit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Klarna, PayPal, and EBT cards at participating stores in select states*. For quick and convenient checkout, you can save your preferred payment method to your account.

Is Comenity Mastercard hard to get approved? ›

In general, it's fairly easy to get approved for a Comenity Bank-backed card. Keep in mind each retailer may be slightly different, but many cardholders have reported approval with a credit score in the fair range.

Does Instacart Mastercard have an annual fee? ›

The Instacart Mastercard doesn't charge an annual fee or foreign transaction fees and carries a variable APR rate of 19.74 percent to 28.49 percent, which is pretty standard for a cash back credit card.

Who owns Instacart credit card? ›

Instacart, the leading grocery technology company in North America, and Chase, the largest co-brand card issuer in the U.S., today launched the new Instacart Mastercard credit card, with Mastercard as the exclusive payments network.

How do I claim my Instacart credit? ›

From the Instacart app
  1. Tap the 3 horizontal lines in the upper left-hand corner.
  2. Tap Credits, promos, and gift cards.
  3. Tap Redeem.
  4. Enter the code and tap Redeem.

How to make $500 a week with Instacart? ›

To earn $500 a week with Instacart, you likely need to work around 25 hours if you average $20 per hour in pay. This is a realistic hourly rate in busy markets, but it also assumes you get enough batches and that you shop efficiently. You can also get lucky with large tips and potentially make $500 much faster.

Is the Instacart card a debit or credit card? ›

The Instacart Mastercard is a co-branded credit card issued by JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. Member FDIC.

What is the 5 24 rule? ›

The Chase 5/24 rule is an unofficial policy that applies to Chase credit card applications. Simply put, if you've opened five or more new credit card accounts with any bank in the past 24 months, you will not likely be approved for a new Chase card.

Should I tip Instacart 20%? ›

For most orders above $100, the restaurant standard of 15-25%+ works and that's what many customers who value the Instacart shopper's service tip. You can also try tipping half your item count when ordering from your run of the mill grocery store.

Can I make $1000 with Instacart? ›

As an Instacart shopper, you can expect to earn anywhere from $200 to $1,000 per week. The amount you make will depend on several factors. These factors include how many orders you complete and the size of the orders. In general, shoppers who complete more orders will earn more money.

Does Instacart have a limit? ›

There is no limit for pickup orders. There is a 250 limit for delivery orders, which includes all countable items. For example, a customer can have 250 units of the same product or 250 units of a mix of products. Be aware that large orders might result in increased latency or possible timeouts.

Can I shop without my Instacart card? ›

In those instances when you're unable to pay using your physical payment card, Instacart Mobile Checkout acts as a handy back-up to get you through your shop. You can use it when you realize you left your card at home, or while you're waiting for a replacement card to arrive in the mail.

Can I use Instacart credit card anywhere? ›

You can apply these credits toward any Instacart order in the US (not including alcohol, gift cards, or prescriptions). But since your credits can only be used on Instacart, your shopping options are limited. If you're looking to save on purchases outside of Instacart, a cash-back card is more flexible.

Do Instacart employees get a free membership? ›

Professional Development Benefits

We offer free Udemy subscriptions for every employee to allow them to develop new skills and foster existing ones by enrolling in a wide array of courses. We also have a dedicated L&D Team.

What is the $99 Instacart fee? ›

For a flat standard fee of $99/year or $9.99/month, members enjoy unlimited free delivery on orders of $35 or more (per retailer), and other benefits.

Why is Costco more expensive on Instacart? ›

Item pricing is higher than your local warehouse in order to cover the service and delivery fees charged by Instacart. Costco makes no additional profit from these fees.

Does Instacart report to IRS? ›

Your 1099 tax form will be mailed to you, if you don't receive an email from Stripe or don't consent to e-delivery. Please allow up to 10 business days for mail delivery. Instacart will file your 1099 tax form with the IRS and relevant state tax authorities.

Can I claim Instacart on my taxes? ›

To actually file your Instacart taxes, you'll need the right tax form: the 1099-NEC. If you earned at least $600 delivery groceries over the course of the year — including base pay and tips from customers — you can expect this form by January 31.

Does Instacart count as income? ›

The short answer is yes. Per the IRS, you are considered an independent contractor if you work for Instacart, and you should receive an Instacart 1099 form in the mail. You will need to pay taxes on your income working for Instacart.

Why is Instacart so expensive? ›

Instacart's service fee is much different from grocery stores' operational costs. Instacart charges these fees to cover expenses on their end. This includes customer support, employee background checks, and payment processing. Non-members' service fee is around 5% while Instacart members' service fee is about 1.9%.

How much should you tip on Instacart? ›

Instacart recommends a 5% tip, which is much less than the average 15% restaurant tip. You can add this on virtually to the order for them to receive it instantly once they finish the job. However, 5% should be the bare minimum. Always tip more for great service!

Do Instacart Shoppers get free delivery? ›

Subscription programs like Instacart Express and Instacart+ can get you free delivery, with an Instacart free delivery minimum of $35 per store and lower service fees. All orders must be at least $10 to be eligible for delivery.

What is the highest level of Mastercard credit card? ›

The highest level of Mastercard is World Elite Mastercard, followed by World Mastercard and Standard Mastercard. Each Mastercard level has its own package of cardholder benefits. The higher the level, the more lucrative the benefits.

Is there a class action lawsuit against Comenity Bank? ›

The Federal Court on Thursday approved Comenity Bank's nearly $8.5 million settlement with a class of more than 4 million people who received automated calls to their cellphones from the bank over a four-year period, in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act Class action brought by Kazerouni Law Group, APC.

What is the shopping cart trick? ›

The shopping cart trick is merely a way to get pre-approved for store credit cards. Basically, you can trick a retailer's website into thinking you're going to buy something by adding items to your shopping cart and beginning to check out.

Why did Instacart charge my card $15? ›

When you place your order Instacart places a temporary authorization hold for 15% higher than your total order at checkout. This authorization hold is placed in case your total is higher due to special requests, added items, replacement items, or weight adjustments.

Can I get a refund on Instacart annual membership? ›

For all members, you may cancel your Instacart+ membership within the first 15 calendar days of your paid Instacart+ membership and receive a refund of the Instacart+ membership fee you paid, but only if you have not placed any orders using your Instacart+ membership.

Does Instacart count as groceries for Chase? ›

Yes, Instacart counts as a grocery store for credit card rewards, meaning that purchases made using the third-party delivery service could be eligible for bonus rewards if your credit card offers them on groceries.

Is Instacart a Chinese company? ›

Instacart is an American delivery company that operates a grocery delivery and pick-up service in the United States and Canada. The company offers its services via a website and mobile app. The service allows customers to order groceries from participating retailers with the shopping being done by a personal shopper.

What bank does Instacart use? ›

Chase cards that qualify for Instacart Express.

Who sued Instacart? ›

Instacart has reached a $5.25 million settlement with the city of San Francisco concerning payments to workers for health care and sick leave, according to an announcement by the city on Thursday.

What is an Instacart Mastercard? ›

Instacart emerged as one of the biggest online grocery services, and now it offers a credit card designed to reward devoted shoppers. The Instacart Mastercard® earns 5% cash back on Instacart app and purchases, with no cap on rewards and a $0 annual fee.

Is Instacart worth it for customers? ›

It will cost you more than a regular shopping trip, but if you're OK with that, then give it a try. If you end up loving it and find yourself making frequent orders, then it may be worth it to pay up for the yearly Instacart membership.

How to get Instacart Plus for free? ›

How it works
  1. Sign up for Instacart — it's free. There's no fee to. sign up. . ...
  2. Add your Chase card. Join Instacart+ with your eligible Chase card to redeem this offer.
  3. Get a free membership of Instacart+ Instacart+ benefits include unlimited $0 delivery fees on orders over $35, reduced service fees, and more.

Can you make $2000 a week with Instacart? ›

Some Instacart shoppers can earn up to $2000 weekly by maxing out the possible work hours, including going out during peak hours.

Can you make a living off Instacart? ›

Who knew shopping and delivering groceries for people could make that much money? Making $1000 a week with Instacart does take some strategizing and hard work. But if you apply yourself full time and follow the recommendations in this article, you'll be well on your way to bringing home that much money.

How to make $25 an hour on Instacart? ›

9 Tips to Start Making $25-$30 Per Hour with Instacart and Shipt Delivery
  1. Apply to be a Shopper. ...
  2. Preview What Items You Are Shopping for Before you Select an Order. ...
  3. Send a Selfie. ...
  4. Share your Why. ...
  5. Learn 2 or 3 Stores Well. ...
  6. Focus on Quality and Substitutions. ...
  7. Keep an Eye on Peak and Promo Times.

How do I use my Instacart Mastercard? ›

It's easy to use your Instacart Mastercard in stores, in app and online.
  1. Use a. mobile wallet. ...
  2. In app. and online. ...
  3. Tap to pay. Just look for the Contactless Symbol at checkout, then tap your contactless card on the checkout terminal to pay.

How do I pay my Instacart Mastercard? ›

Online: Log in to your online account and click on “Pay card.” By phone: Call 1-800-436-7958 and enter your card information when prompted, then follow the prompts to make a credit card payment. Through the mobile app: Log in to your account and select your card, then tap “Pay card.”

Can I use the Instacart credit card anywhere? ›

You can apply these credits toward any Instacart order in the US (not including alcohol, gift cards, or prescriptions). But since your credits can only be used on Instacart, your shopping options are limited. If you're looking to save on purchases outside of Instacart, a cash-back card is more flexible.

Is Instacart card a Mastercard? ›

Other benefits: The Instacart Mastercard® is a World Elite Mastercard, which offers perks such as: Purchase protection and extended warranty protection.

Do you get free delivery with Instacart? ›

As always, Instacart+ members get free delivery on orders over $35 or more per retailer. All orders must be at least $10 to be eligible for delivery.

Can you withdraw cash from Instacart card? ›

Instacart offers a feature called Instant Cashout that enables Instacart shoppers to cash out as soon as they finish up a shopping and delivery request. While it may not be for everyone, it can certainly help when you need your money as soon as you make it.

How do I cancel my Instacart Mastercard? ›

To remove a payment method on the Instacart website—
  1. At the top left, click the 3 horizontal lines.
  2. Click Account settings.
  3. Click Payment methods.
  4. Click Delete next to the payment method you want to remove.

Can I use my Instacart card at self checkout? ›

Can Instacart shoppers use self-checkout? Yes, they can, but the company advises that Instacart Shoppers should use manned checkouts.

Can I use Mastercard for groceries? ›

Yes, you can use a credit card for food. You can buy food with a credit card at grocery stores, restaurants, wholesale clubs, food trucks, fast food locations, and anywhere else that sells food and accepts credit card payments.

What type of card is a Mastercard? ›

As a credit card network, Mastercard facilitates transactions between card issuers and merchants.

What can you buy with a Instacart card? ›

This gift card covers any costs associated with an Instacart order, such as items, including alcohol and prescriptions, tips, taxes, service fees, and delivery fees. Note: At this time gift cards can only be purchased, sent, and redeemed within the same country that you live in.


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