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Chapter 1 j Why social networks?


Finding a way through social media 2 What is social media marketing? 3 Case Study: Fiskars Creates a Social Media Community Around Scrapbooking 4 The Seven Myths of Social Media Marketing 5 Case Study: United Breaks Guitars 9 The History of Social Media Marketing 13 Why Social Media Marketing Is different 15 What are the characteristics of successful social networks marketing? marketing? media marketer? 16 Careers in Social Media Marketing 17 Practical Case Study: JetBlue Uses Social Media to Connect with Customers 18 Notes 20

Chapter 2 j Objectives and Strategies


What is a social media marketing plan? 26 Social Media Marketing Planning Cycle 26 Listen and Watch: Five Phases 27 Set Goals 29 Case Study: Dell Reinvents Through Social Media 30 Strategize 35 Case Study: HubSpot Delivers Strategic Marketing Results Linking Goals to a call to action 39 Self-promotion vs. Building an Army of Lawyers 40 Case Study: The Kryptonite Bicycle Lock Fiasco 41 Notes 43

Chapter 3 I Identification of target groups



The Persona Development Cycle 47 Determining the Ideal Audience 48 Persona Development Example: Determining the Ideal Audience 49 Developing Specificity Within Personas 50 Case Study: How Wahoo's Fish Taco Created a Compelling Network Persona for a Unique Target Market 51 The Profile of Social Technology 53 Case Study : Using Video and Social Media, Colgate-Palmolive Reached the Mobile Millennial Target Market 55 VI

Where is the online audience engaged? 57 What is the target group talking about? 58 Practical Case Study: Lego Notes on Market Segmentation Strategy 61


Chapter 4 I Rules of Engagement for Social Media 64 r

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Approval Marketing vs. Disruption Marketing 65 Case Study: Pepsi's Transition from Disruption Marketing to Approval Marketing 67 Entry Strategy: Passive vs. Activa 70 Principles for Success 70 Case Study: Trial and Error: Walmart's Battle with Social Media Marketing Rules of Engagement 74 Defining Ethics in Social Media Marketing 76 Ethical Decision Making 78 Global Perspective 78 Case Study: British Petroleum takes over Social Media 80 Notes 82

Chapter 5 I Blog Posting 84 What Is a Blog? 85 Case Study: Robert Scoble: First Featured Corporate Blogger at a Large Company (Microsoft) 86 We Are All Publishers 89 Case Study: Marriott CEO Blog 90 Marketing Benefits of Blogs 91 Linking a Blog to Goals 91 Creating a Strategy of Content 92 Case Study: Engadget Engaged 93 Tips for Blogging Success 94 Monitoring the Blogosphere 96 Exercise Case Study: The Huffington Post: How One Voice Became Many Stories 101


Chapter 6 I Publishing Podcasts and Webinars 104 '




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A Brief History of Podcasting 105 Creating and Sharing Podcasts 106 Case Study: The Podfather 106 Marketing with Podcasts 111 Case Study: MuggleCast Makes Podcasts Magic 112 Hosting Webinars 114 Marketing with Webinars and/or Podcasts 116 Case Study: Inspired Marketing LLC Generates Revenue from Webinar 119 Grades



Chapter 7 I Publication of articles, white papers and e-books


Publishing and distributing articles 124 Case study: Using e-journal articles to raise awareness in math classes 125 Creating white papers and e-books 128 Case study: The Mises Institute expands knowledge of economics through articles and e-books online 132 Marketing with Articles and e-books White Papers and Books 134 Case Study: Soroptimist International of the Americas: Using White Papers to Raise Awareness of Issues Affecting Women and Girls Around the World 136 Notes 140

Chapter 8 I Video Sharing 143 A Brief History of Video Sharing 143 Benefits of Online Video Marketing 144 Case Study: Blendtec: Will It Blend? 🇧🇷

Chapter 9 I Photo and Image Sharing 162 A Brief History of Photo Sharing 163 Benefits of Marketing with Online Photos and Other Images 165 Case Study: Flickr and the Library of Congress Create a Common Space for Heritage Collections 166 Marketing with Websites for photo sharing 169 The future of photo sharing 171 Practical case study: Who are you at Nikon? 172 Notes 175

Chapter 10 I Social Media 178 A Brief History of Social Media 179 Case Study: How Two Coca-Cola Fans Made the Brand Famous on Facebook 181 Benefits of Social Media Marketing 184 Social Media Marketing 185 Case Study: Quantitative USA Linkedln to generate leads 189 What is a white label social network? 192 Dos and Don'ts of Creating a White Label Social Network 193 Case Study: Starbucks Social Network Collects Customer Feedback 194



How Nonprofits Can Benefit from a Private Social Network 197 The Future of Social Media 198 Case Study: Anvil Media Uses LinkedIn for Branding 198 Notes 201

Chapter 11 I Microblogging 207 What is microblogging? 🇧🇷 220 Marketing with Microblogging 222 Case Study: TurboTax Experts Adopt Twitter 222 Notes 225

Chapter 12 I Discussion forums, social news, and question-and-answer sites

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What is a discussion forum? 229 Structure of Discussion Boards 229 A Brief History of Discussion Boards 230 Discussion Board Netiquette 231 Marketing with Discussion Boards 232 Guidelines for Online Discussion Board Moderators 233 Discussion Board Product Development Ideas 234 Study of case: Lenovo uses discussion boards to reduce customer service costs and get feedback and Increase productivity Improve 235 What is a social news site? 238 A Brief History of Social News Sites 239 Marketing with Social News Sites 241 Case Study: Digg: How News Became Social! 242 What is a question and answer site? 245 A Brief History of Question and Answer Sites 247 Marketing with Question and Answer Sites 247 The Future of Discussion Boards, Social News, and Question and Answer Sites 248 Case Study: How Entrepreneurial Pioneers Use Quora 249 Notes 253

Chapter 13 I Mobile Computing and Location Marketing 261 What Is Mobile Computing? 261 A Brief History of Smartphone Growth and Adoption Social Media Goes Mobile 263



Marketing with Mobile Computing 264 Case Study: Dunkin' Donuts Helps You Advance Mobile Marketing What is a location-based social network? 268 Location-Based Social Networking and Gaming 269 The Growth of Location-Based Social Networking 271 Location-Based Social Marketing 271 The Future of Mobile Computing and Location Marketing 272 Case Study: Conan O'Brien Soars High with Airships and Square Badges 273 Notes 276

Chapter 14 I Social Media Monitoring 280 A Brief History of Social Media Monitoring 280 Monitoring 281 Measurement 282 Qualitative Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 287 The Net Promoter Score 295 Return on Investment 296 Evaluation 297 Case Study: Pfizer Tracks and Measures Response Adverse Drugs with BuzzMetrics 298 Selection of Social Media Monitoring Tools 301 Case Study: Using Radian6, AAA Monitors and Interacts with the Social Web 303 The Future of Social Media Monitoring 305 Case Study: SAS Social Media Analytics: Monitoring a mark with a mark 305 Notes 312

Chapter 15 I Social Media Marketing Plan 317 Creating an Informative and Compelling Cover Automatically Generating a Table of Contents 318 Writing a Persuasive Executive Summary 319 Writing a Brief Description 320 Monitoring Social Media Presence 322 Performing a Competitive Analysis 323 Setting Goals 327 Determining the Strategy 328 Identifying the Target Market 329 Selecting Tools 330 Implementation 330 Monitoring 342 Obtaining the C-Suite Purchase 349 Notes 350




Appendix | XYZ Coffee Company Social Media Marketing Plan Executive Summary 355 Overview 355 Social Media Presence 356 Competitive Analysis 356 Goals 359 Strategies 359 Target Market 360 Tools 361 Implementation 361 Monitoring 366 Optimization 369 Budget 369 Return on Investment 369 Notes 370





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