The 7 Best Meat Markets and Butchers in Houston, TX (2023)

If you are used to taking your cellophane wrapped meat from theCandy storeand you have decided to buy fresh local meat, so you need a meat market or butcher shop. But you're wondering what kind of meat market Houston has or where you can get one? Here is help for you.

In this guide, I'll tell you where to find the best butchers and butcher shops Houston has to offer.


Where are the meat markets and butcher shops in Houston?

While there is a good selection of butcher shops in Houston, it is sad to say that meat markets are few as many of them have already closed.

However, the ones that remain are worth hunting down. So I figured out exactly where they are so you don't have to.

I also went into what they have to offer in terms of their meat and other food choices when they are open and also a little bit about their history.

So let's find out where to get decent butcher meat in Houston.

1. Bud's Meat House

The 7 Best Meat Markets and Butchers in Houston, TX (1)
Address6730 Cullen Boulevard, Houston, TX 77021
ProductsBoudin, Beef, Meat Wraps, Stuffed Meats, Seafood
opening hoursMonday to Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m

Bud's House of Meat has been Houston's meat market of choice since 1977, which means they've been supplying Texas with the region's finest meat for over 40 years.

They offer some of the cheapest products and great all round service, keeping their customers loyal and constantly busy.

The staff and owners here at Bud's House of Meat do everything they can to keep their customers happy and if they don't have what they have they will try to get it for you.

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They have weekly sales where you can get great deals and they have one toohot grillingat the market, where you can get hot and cooked meats to take away and eat on the go, like baby back ribs, whole chickens and pork chops.

Fresh Meat has just about anything you'd want in your fridge for a week, including stuffed pork chops, marinated chicken thighs, turkey necks, oxtails, and turkey wings.

They also carry every type of sausage you can think of, in every flavor. They have Glen Hickory smoked beef and pork sausage, jalapeno sausage, andouille sausage, garlic sausage, Cajun sausage, and 25 other flavors.

Their packs of meat are numerous, and there are 17 in total to choose from. Whether you're hosting a cookout, topping up your freezer for a month, or just feeding the family for a week, you'll find something for every occasion.

Meat packs include the $29.95 Lunch Meat Pack, $89.95 Favorite Family Pack, and $139.95 Block Party BBQ Pack.

To give you an idea of ​​what's included in the packages, the Block Party BBQ package includes 40 pounds of leg quarters, 10 pounds of pork chops, 3 slices of spare ribs and 8 pounds of smoked Creole chorizo.

If you go to the grill area, I recommend trying the combination of three meat dishes. For less than $20.00, you have a choice of three meats with a choice of sides like candied yams, coleslaw, macaroni and cheese, broccoli rice, smoked rice and more.

2. B & W Meat Company Houston

The 7 Best Meat Markets and Butchers in Houston, TX (2)
Address4801 N Pastor, Houston, TX 77018
ProductsPork tenderloin, smoked boudin, tripas, Louisiana sausage, veal shank, boneless beef stew
opening hoursMonday to Saturday: 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Sunday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m

B&W Meat Company has been serving delicious homemade sausages and delicious steaks to locals since 1959. Founded by G.W.Jerry Wallace, Houstonians remember it when they think of fresh, local produce.

Over the years they've stayed traditional in the way they run things here, which is one of the things I love. The staff is very competent and offers excellent service; nothing is too much trouble for them.

Here they offer a deer processing service. So if you have a hunter in the family, you don't have to worry about him bringing dinner home and having to cook it in the garage or kitchen.

These guys will do all the hard work for you, including the steaks, the chilli beef, and the ground and grilled cuts. You can also ask them to add beef to your meat to enhance the flavor.

When it comes to the products offered, the list is endless, so I'll be brief. If you want to check out the full list of products available, I recommend checking out their website or just going there and seeing for yourself.

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Some items you can get here are Stuffed Pork Chops, Pork Feet, Tasso, Smoked Boudin, Chicken Liver, Pork Skins, Smoked Ham, T-Bones, House Porter, Venison Summer Sausage and more.

You can also get many specialties like ground buffalo, rabbit sausage, turtle meat, jambalaya, pecan rice, alligator meat and pig head.

You have one tooSelection of seafoodsuch as shrimp, frog legs, catfish, red snapper and crab claws as well as some of the largest shrimp in Houston.

Prices here fluctuate all the time so if you want something specific give them a call before you visit and they will be able to give you an exact price but personally I say go and explore what they have.

3. Burt's Meat Market and Cajun fare

The 7 Best Meat Markets and Butchers in Houston, TX (3)
Address5910 Lyons Ave, Houston, TX 77020
ProductsSteak wraps, homemade sausage, catfish sandwiches, hot dinners, boudin
opening hoursMonday to Saturday: 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Sunday 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m

Burt's Meat Market and Cajun Food has been family-owned since it opened in 1946. In 1991 the business was taken over by Linda, daughter of the Burt family, who today runs it with her son Ryan.

Before they get to the meat they sell here; I just have to tell you the best of Burt's, the deli hotline.

Here you can indulge your taste buds with delectable snacks and entrees like gumbo, fried catfish sandwich, goulash, chicken dumplings, peach cobbler, and Cajun beans. If you visit this meat market, in addition to many other options, be careful not to eat before you arrive.

In addition to the warm food line, there is also a meat line. Here you'll find meats like homemade chorizo, Cajun chorizo, steak boudin, seasoned short ribs, crown roast, Tasso ham and salami.

You can also buy meat packs and there are 9 different ones to choose from. So, to give you an idea, I'm going to show you two of the packs currently available. The packed lunch includes 2 pounds of turkey, 2 pounds of pressed ham, 1 pound of ground beef, 1 pound of diced ham, 1 pound of salami, 1 pound of sausage and 1 pound of American cheese.

Then there's the Nickel Pack, which includes a 5-pound round steak, 5-pound ground beef, 5-pound chuck steak, 2-pound bacon, 5-pound pork chops and 4-pound deep fryer.

4. Fresh Farmers Market

The 7 Best Meat Markets and Butchers in Houston, TX (4)
Address8630 Cullen Rd, Houston, TX 77051
ProductsBacon tripe, oxtail platter, leg quarters, smoked neck, chive sausage, mac and cheese
opening hoursMonday to Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Sunday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m

Farmer's Fresh Market is one of the few remaining full-service meat markets in Texas. They offer a fresh selection of chicken, beef, goat and lamb dishes and much more. They really do have it all when it comes to meat and fresh produce.

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They offer a range of different services including preparing all the meat to your liking, processing, delivery, catering and wholesale supplies. They process any animal from deer to wild boar and turn it into anything you desire such as: B. seasoned sausages or simple pieces.

Now moving on to the meat, once again the variety available is mind-boggling making it impossible to list them all. Some of the items you can buy here include whole turkeys, farmer's Cajun sausage, brisket burgers, steak, filet mignon, and even whole goats.

The list goes on and on, and like other meat markets in my guide, words don't do them justice, so stop by and see for yourself.

Prices vary here but are very reasonable when it comes to fresh, local cuts of meat. For example, the New York strip steak on the bone is only $9.99, 30-pound turkey thighs are $54.99, and a lamb shank is $7.99.

They offer an external caterer. So if you're hosting an event and want to impress your guests with the best meat in town, they cater for groups of hundreds so these are the guys you have to go. in.

5. sister meat

The 7 Best Meat Markets and Butchers in Houston, TX (5)
Address9107 Irvington Boulevard, Houston, TX 77022
ProductsChicken, pork, beef, dressings, lamb, turkey
opening hoursMonday to Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., weekends closed

Sister's Meats brings it back to the normal kind of butcher shop you might be more used to and is known for being one of the best butcher shops in Houston.

They pride themselves on their high-quality meat, professional butchers and local suppliers who stand for sustainable agriculture.

Anyone who has tasted the meat here notes that they immediately feel the difference in taste to that in the supermarket.

It's a minimalist butcher shop but they still have all the premium cuts you could want and will curate your ideal meat and if they don't have it just ask and they will do their best to make your order get for you. 🇧🇷

The butchers here are also happy to give you advice on what to do with your meat when you get home, if you're hosting a dinner party and want to get the most out of your meat to wow your guests. These guys will tell you exactly how to prepare your meat for the perfect dish.

6. Herbert's special meat

The 7 Best Meat Markets and Butchers in Houston, TX (6)
Address1023 Ashford Dairy Rd, Houston, TX 77079
ProductsLobster cakes, homemade sausage, turducken, skewers, stuffed chicken, sauces, cookbooks, fries, gumbo
opening hoursMonday to Friday 9:00 am - 7:00 pm Saturday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Sunday: Closed

Herbert's, pronounced "A Bears", is home to stuffed birds. It's run by Cajuns, which means they know exactly how to fill, flavor, and season all of their produce to make the most of it.

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Not only do they offer fresh meat, but they also sell some authentic specialties like turducken. A boneless turkey stuffed with chicken, duck, pork and breadcrumbs. It is vacuum packed, which keeps all the freshness and flavor inside.

This is prepped and ready to throw straight into the oven and is perfect forspecial occasions and Christmas🇧🇷 This price starts at $99.00 and increases depending on the variant you choose.

Other meats available include stuffed chicken, served with a variety of fillings such as pork, rice, and baked potatoes. They also have chicken and beef skewers and a wide range of cold cuts.

If you want to try some Cajun specialties I recommend trying theseriver craband shrimp cakes, which are only $6.00.

7. Pete's Fine Meats and Delicatessen

The 7 Best Meat Markets and Butchers in Houston, TX (7)
Address5509 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77056
ProductsBuffalo, Shrimp, Deer, Rattlesnake, Kid, Quail, Jerky, Burger, Python, Emu, Pheasant
opening hoursMonday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm, Tuesday to Saturday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm Sunday: Closed

Pete's Fine Meats opened in 1932, making it one of the oldest meat markets in Texas. Her only passion is hard work, attention to detail and providing customers with excellent service and the best products in the country.

The staff here are very skilled at what they do and have a thorough knowledge of their job. They are so confident that their products are the best in the business that if you are not 100% satisfied with your product they will give you a full refund. I call that trust.

As far as produce goes, these guys offer so much more than your average chicken, turkey, lamb, and beef. Here you will find unusual meats such as alligator, python, elk, elk, turtle, kid, rhea and rattlesnake.

Of course, all regular cuts of meat are also available. So if you're not brave enough to try a kangaroo, you can always settle for one.good piece of breast meat.

They also make homemade tamales, meat cooked in a corn husk. You can get them from venison, pork, beef, or grain.

In addition to the products, they offer a variety of services, including cooking meat that you choose yourself, which saves you a lot of work when you get home.

They also have a venison prep where they cut up deer, quail, duck, pigeon or turkey and make them into sausages, hamburgers, chorizo ​​or whatever you like.

Processing prices vary, but to give you an example, the price of a whole venison is $70.00 plus the fee for which you want your meat processed, e.g. B. $2.49 per pound for smoked Polish sausage.

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They also have a great all you can eat menugrilled chicken sandwiches, sausage sticks, steak tacos, cheeseburgers and macaroni salad.

Final Thoughts on Houston's Best Meat Markets

So there you have it, my top picks for some of Houston's best meat markets and butcher shops. I think there's a good selection there, so no matter what you're looking for in a good meat shop, you've got yourself covered.

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Is it better to buy meat from a butcher or supermarket? ›

Generally speaking, butcher meat is also fresher and higher quality than meat purchased at a supermarket. Rather than being pre-cut, pre-packaged, and laid out until someone decides to purchase it, butcher's meat is often cut right in front of the customer.

Are local butchers cheaper than supermarkets? ›

Cost. While you may pay more in a butchers vs a supermarket, you can rest assured that you are buying a higher quality of meat. As mentioned above, butchers are far more likely to stock fresher, locally sourced meat. As with many things, the higher the quality the higher the price.

What 3 things should you consider when buying meat? ›

When purchasing meat and poultry, it's important to use your senses of touch, smell and sight. Always make sure the meat is firm to the touch, and check that they packaging doesn't have any tears, holes or excessive amounts of liquid. It should also be cold to the touch and have no odor.

Which do you think is the best place to buy quality meat? ›

A whole-animal butcher shop is probably your best bet—and there are an increasing number all over the country. You want a place that buys whole pasture-raised animals from local farms, breaks them down in-house, and is staffed by butchers who can tell you where a cut comes from, plus give advice on how to cook it.

What do butchers do with unsold meat? ›

Butcher shops and meat departments can sell (for a very low price) their bones, fat, and other inedible meat scraps to rendering companies that will turn the unwanted waste into proteins for pet food and other industrial uses.

What meat is best to buy from butchers? ›

"High-end cuts like New York Strip Steak, Rib-eye, Tenderloin, and Top Sirloin are often considered to be the top-tier meat cuts and are known for being tender and more flavorful," says Barclay.

Is it cheaper to buy meat from a butcher or Costco? ›

As to the cost of the steaks themselves, in general, Costco meat prices will be cheaper per pound than at specialty butcher shops and many higher-end grocery stores like Whole Foods, but potentially on par with or even more expensive per pound than what you'd pay at, say, Safeway or Wal-mart (especially when those ...

What is the tenderest cut of beef? ›

Eye fillet. A classic cut, the eye fillet comes from the strip of muscle tucked against the backbone of the animal, the “tenderloin”. The creme de la creme of steaks, eye fillets are the most tender cut of beef – which also makes it the most expensive, and arguably the most desirable.

What is the best grade of meat? ›

Prime is the highest quality of beef available. They have the most marbling and are sure to provide a wonderfully juicy and extremely tasty eating experience. The high level of marbling makes them great for grilling and other dry cooking methods.

How can you tell if a steak is good quality? ›

What to Look for When Buying Steak
  1. The meat should have good color and appear moist but not wet.
  2. Any cut edges should be even, not ragged.
  3. When buying packaged meats, avoid those with tears or with liquid in the bottom of the tray.
  4. The meat should feel firm and cold to the touch.
9 Jun 2015

What are the quality grades of meat in order of best to worst? ›

There are eight different USDA beef grades: prime, choice, select, standard, commercial, utility, cutter and canner. Prime being the highest beef quality and canner being the lowest.

Which grade of meat is the best grade found in the supermarket? ›

There are three quality grades that you may have seen in grocery store. Prime is the highest quality. A cut of beef that is graded prime is tender and well marbled. (Marbling is the amount of fat within the beef.

Why is it better to get meat at a butcher? ›

When you purchase meat from a butcher, you are going to be getting fresher and higher quality meat that's often cut right in front of you. Raised ethically and free of hormones and antibiotics, you can feel good about the meat you're eating and feeding your family.

Why does meat from the butcher taste different? ›

Grain vs.

Diet is one of the most influential factors that impacts beef flavor and aroma. This is because the dietary nutrients cattle consume directly impact the fatty acid profile and nutrient profile of their fat. One of the most-common mantras in the meat industry is that fat is flavor.


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