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Social media management for business-to-business (B2B) companies or agency clients often seems to be more of a challenge than direct marketing for consumers. From choosing the most effective channels to choosing the right tone of voice and creating compelling content, B2B social media marketing requires a unique approach.

So how can a B2B company be successful through channels likeFacebook, LinkedIn and Twitter? Check out three B2B social media case studies to inspire your strategy, no matter what stage of the sales funnel you need to reach.

Strictly speaking, social media marketing for B2B companies is notAlsoother than promoting business-to-consumer (B2C) organizations. Both types of businesses use a variety of social channels to post content, engage customers, and try to drive conversions. And B2B and B2C companies tend to use a mix of paid and organic social media.

However, as you will see in the B2B case studies, social media marketing strategies require some major tweaks.

Let's look at some of the main differences.

social channels

There is no definitive list of social channels that B2B organizations can and cannot use. Choosing the right channels for your company is often a one-off situation that requires target group and market research.

But some social channels naturally work better for B2B companies because of their user base and native tools. for years,LinkedInand Facebook stood outmost popular B2B marketing channels. However, many businesses also use Twitter to engage with customers and YouTube for lengthy videos.

Possible customers

When marketing their products and services, B2C companies usually target individual customers directly. These target customers can make their own choices for themselves or their families.

On the contrary, B2B companies target other companies. To gain organizational or departmental buy-in, marketers often need to reach out to decision-makers with varying levels of authority.

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Don't assume that B2B marketing has to sound stiff or formal. Finally, B2B marketing collateral is often aimed at Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and other influential decision makers.

But there's no rule that B2B content has to sound muted or not contain emojis. Instead, B2B content should use abrand voicethat matches the image and values ​​of your company. And remember, conversational content is almost always the best way to connect with the human decision-makers you're targeting.


As a social media manager, you can access the same tools whether you work with a B2B or B2C company. However, some tools are much more valuable to B2B marketers because of the sales cycles and decision-making processes involved.

Some of theseB2B contentTools include the following:

  • Lead magnets that encourage prospects to provide their contact information in exchange for a high-value asset. For example, you can offer case studies or white papers.
  • Webinars and product demonstrations where potential customers need to register to access exclusive information or take a closer look at your product.
  • Native lead forms that allow prospects to request more information about your products and services without leaving the social media platform.

Use cases for B2B social media marketing

Now you have an idea of ​​what B2B content looks like. But what are the most effective ways to use it? Before we dive into the B2B social media case studies, let's take a look at how to align this content with your sales funnel.

create awareness

Is your business new to the market or looking to expand your customer base? In any case, awareness of growth is essential.

With awareness-driven social content, you can introduce new products to your business. Plus, you can get your products and services on the radar of potential customers. Over time, you can highlight features and benefits so potential customers see the value your business offers.

Three B2B Social Media Case Studies to Get You Excited About Brand Awareness | agora pulse (2)

Take a look at the ClickUp Facebook Ad above, which is great for brand awareness. The eye-catching creative uses a catchy tagline to tell potential customers exactly what the app does. The subheading lists three main aspects of the productivity app so people can immediately understand how it works.

The caption uses a CTA that encourages potential customers to use the app to increase productivity. And he closes the deal with a pretty impressive bottom line: the app can help you "save a day a week."

build up trust

Most B2B companies don't sell frivolous items. Instead, the products and services these companies offer can have a measurable impact on their customers, helping them work more efficiently, achieve better results, achieve higher goals, and grow their own business.

For this reason, building trust should be an important part of any B2B company's marketing strategy. You can use channels like Facebook and LinkedIn to share social proof, post thought leadership, and communicate your company values.

Three B2B Social Media Case Studies to Get You Excited About Brand Awareness | agora pulse (3)

The above outreach Facebook promotion provides credibility with no issues. Creativity boldly confirms the company's status as an industry leader. The caption cites a well-known outside source to communicate the company's position in the industry and effectively build on existing trust.

The ad links to a third-party report that prospects can download to learn more about outreach. By offering this report in exchange for prospects' contact details, the company can start collecting and qualifying leads.

create wires

Once potential customers trust your business and understand what you offer, they may be ready to take the next step. By converting leads into qualified leads, you can nurture your relationship with more targeted content.

Social channels offer countless organic marketing opportunitiesleading generation. Finally, you can easily post links to lead magnets and webinars on your social profiles. But these channels are particularly effective at generating paid leads. For example, channels like LinkedIn and Facebook offer powerful native lead ads.

Three B2B Social Media Case Studies to Get You Excited About Brand Awareness | agora pulse (4)

Above, IT Glue's Facebook ad provides a helpful checklist for prospective clients looking to automate IT processes. This simple lead magnet is great for helping potential customers solve a problem while learning more about the company.

The following announcement by Miva, Inc. on LinkedIn takes a similar approach. In exchange for prospective customer contact information, he offers a downloadable five-step assessment designed to guide people through troubleshooting.

Three B2B Social Media Case Studies to Get You Excited About Brand Awareness | agora pulse (5)

converter leads

In many cases, you can use social media content to give prospects the final push from a qualified lead to a satisfied customer. Depending on the nature of your product or service, linking to a free trial, paid subscription, ecommerce site, or sales page can result in conversions.

If you want to convert prospects, you need to come up with creative ways to engage them. Free add-ons, limited-time offers, and volume discounts can encourage qualified leads to take that final step.

Three B2B Social Media Case Studies to Get You Excited About Brand Awareness | agora pulse (6)

Above, Cardata's LinkedIn ad catches the eye of potential customers with a promise to streamline vehicle discount calculations. Both the copy and creative provide trustworthy social proof, and the CTA encourages potential customers to try the app.

Then Shopify's Facebook ad grabs the attention of potential customers with promises of helping them grow their business. The caption lists several features that ecommerce business owners are likely to need, and the creative guides them to get started with a free trial.

Three B2B Social Media Case Studies to Get You Excited About Brand Awareness | agora pulse (7)

support customers

Once you convert customers, you can use social media to help them maximize the value of their purchase. It's a good idea to think beyond customer support and look for ways to help customers use your product or service more efficiently.

For example, you can share advanced tips to help customers get more out of your product or service, while also engaging potential customers. You can also talk about your loyalty program or highlight previous customers. These tactics allow you to give your customers the praise they deserve while also turning them into advocates for your business.

Three B2B Social Media Case Studies to Get You Excited About Brand Awareness | agora pulse (8)

Above: Elementor's LinkedIn ad is aimed at people who are already familiar with the company's website builder. Introducing a new product allows the company to sell more to existing customers and deepen the relationship.

Want to know how real B2B companies have used these tactics on social media? Take a look at three B2B social media marketing case studies to get ideas for your own business strategy.

1. Athletics and profile golf

We worked together with Turface Athletics and Profile Golf, two brands under the Profile Products umbrellaElevation Marketingto address social media engagement for your B2B profiles. Look at what they have achieved.


Both brands are well established in their respective niches. Turface Athletics offers sports court maintenance products and Profile Golf specializes in golf course maintenance solutions.

Despite their strong positions in their respective markets, both brands had low exposure on social media channels. While brands consistently published content across social media, they did so from a single company profile across a limited number of channels.

As a result, the B2B company struggled to raise awareness or attract attention from potential new customers. This meant they were not using social media marketing effectively or using available tools to successfully meet business goals.

Getting closer

First, the agency conducted market research to stay abreast of industry trends and competitor strategies. The agency also conducted a social media audit to review past performance and assess best practices for future brand positioning.

After the preliminary research and review phase, the agency determined that brands would benefit most from a large-scale social media strategy across major channels. The agency proposed compelling content planning that would appeal to the brands' target audience.

Additionally, the agency proposed creating a standalone brand presence for Turface Athletics and Profile Golf on Twitter and Facebook. This would allow the two brands to differentiate themselves, reach more relevant audiences, and (regularly) share or syndicate each other's content to increase reach and engagement.

The agency also designed an influencer marketing program to increase brands' presence on Instagram. Ideally, partnering with influencers would give brands access to more lifestyle photos and improve brand loyalty.


Over a six-month period, both brands experienced impressive growth across all social media channels. The Turface Athletics Facebook page saw a 268% increase in engagement and a 44% increase in impressions, indicating the content really resonated with the target audience. The strategy also resulted in 74% more web visits, a significant increase in the brand's web traffic.

During the same period, the content of the new golf profile page on Facebook and on the Twitter profile generated around 35,000 impressions. It also generates a 253% increase in web visitors.

Finally, creating new B2B social profiles and gaining followers can be resource intensive. But this case study shows that creating content that really resonates can effectively build brands and achieve marketing goals.

2. Semrush

Semrush, a Software as a Service (SaaS) company specializing in search engine optimization (SEO) tools, collaboratedwalking sandto improve your presence on Twitter.


As a long-established brand in the SEO space, Semrush has already had a presence on Twitter. However, the SaaS company has struggled to differentiate itself from its many competitors. As a result, brand awareness, product awareness, and conversions were not as high as they could be.

By partnering with Walker Sands, Semrush wanted to improve engagement and increase brand loyalty. The SaaS company also wanted to stand out from the competition.

Getting closer

First, the agency used a combination of social listening and competitive research to identify industry trends and understand how similar brands are using Twitter. Based on this research, the agency recommended that Semrush adjust its branding guidelines for this social channel and essentially create a separate, humor-focused persona for his Twitter profile.

To amplify this new brand voice, the agency developed Twitter content based on recurring product and industry themes. The agency balanced content promoting Semrush products with tweets that engaged the brand's audience of digital marketers.

In addition, the agency used social listening tools to monitor and participate in current events. This tactic allowed Semrush to participate in viral conversations and discuss relevant news in a timely manner, further increasing the brand's reach.


Semrush saw results quickly. In the first month, the social media marketing plan generated over 250,000 impressions and almost 18,000 interactions. The interaction rate was over 7%, which shows how well the content resonated with the target group.

Despite finding itself in a crowded space with many established competitors, Semrush has managed to stand out on Twitter. As a result, Semrush improved brand sentiment and gained vote share.

3. Collective Data

Collective Data, a SaaS fleet management company, collaboratedto formto streamline your lead generation process and improve your lead conversion rate.


The SaaS company wanted to expand its presence in a specific market and attract more qualified leads across the country. However, the activities of the marketing team did not necessarily match the ambitious goals of the sales team.

Getting closer

First, Sculpt worked with Collective Data to map buyer personas in the newly expanded marketplace. The agency also charted the customer journey to identify key points for targeting or remarketing to new audiences. To set goals, the agency set cost-per-lead and cost-per-demo targets for the company's campaigns.

To reach the company's target audience of law enforcement officials, the agency worked with Collective Data to create advertising campaigns on LinkedIn. The company focused on LinkedIn's native lead forms, which allow prospects to provide contact information without leaving the platform.

To get more value from their efforts, the agency launched paid search and pay-per-click (PPC) remarketing campaigns using Google Ads. The SaaS company also invested in conversational marketing tools to capture leads on other channels and move them through the sales funnel.


As a result of these combined efforts, Collective Data achieved an 8-12% lead conversion rate in online advertising. Compared to previous methods of generating leads from SaaS companies, these efforts have reduced the average cost per lead by 70%. In addition to helping the B2B company expand into a new market, this result contributed to significant cost savings.

Aligning marketing and sales is not always easy. By clarifying customer personas and journey maps early on, and setting up complementary multi-channel campaigns, the agency has successfully partnered with Collective Data to improve leads and conversions.

Let's recap what we've learned about B2B social media marketing

From brand awareness to lead generation, these B2B social media case studies illustrate how companies can reach audiences and drive results through the right channels. Use these case studies and use cases to guide your team in developing an effective social media strategy for your B2B business or agency clients.

Three B2B Social Media Case Studies to Get You Excited About Brand Awareness | agora pulse (9)

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How does B2B create brand awareness? ›

How to build Brand Awareness into your B2B Marketing Strategy
  1. Build a professional, content rich B2B website. ...
  2. Create Blogs that are relevant and offer guidance. ...
  3. Get active on social media. ...
  4. Take advantage of Key Trade magazines. ...
  5. Use Email Marketing to nurture your contacts. ...
  6. Call your prospects. ...
  7. Show Up at key Industry Events.
Feb 14, 2020

Which social media platform is most effective for B2B interactions? ›

This has earned LinkedIn the reputation of being one of the most trusted social media platforms for software marketers. In fact, 40% of B2B marketers say LinkedIn is the most efficient tool for generating high-quality leads.

What social media platforms do you think are the best for B2B marketing purposes and why? ›

LinkedIn is the best social media platform for B2B marketing because it's strictly meant for professionals and business networking. According to LinkedIn's official marketing blog, 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn, which shows that LinkedIn is the best B2B social media platform.

How does social media increase brand awareness? ›

Small businesses can use social media channels for brand awareness campaigns by sharing easy-to-create content including infographics, short videos, ads, and links to more detailed, high-quality content that answers customers questions or addresses trending topics.

What are some examples of brand awareness campaigns? ›

One well-known example of a brand awareness campaign is Coca-Cola's series of animated polar bear commercials, typically aired around Christmas (and occasionally during the Super Bowl). They're not designed to make you go out and buy a Coke the second you see one.

How did Coca Cola create brand awareness? ›

Coca-Cola's popularity had decreased among Millennials, so the brand developed a campaign to raise awareness and increase sales and brand love. Since the “Share a Coke” campaign had been a global success, the brand decided to adapt it for a younger audience.

What is the best B2B platform which company is famous for B2B supply chain? ›

In the simplest terms, we can define an online business-to-business marketplace as a platform that brings companies with diverse products & services together, to buy & sell in large quantities often. The world's largest B2B marketplace for wholesale goods is said to be Alibaba, reigning since 1999.

What is B2B social media strategy? ›

What is B2B social media marketing? B2B stands for business-to-business. B2B social media marketing uses social channels to market products or services to business clients and prospects. Marketers at B2C companies use social channels to reach consumers and influence purchases.

Which is considered the most effective B2B online source of lead generation? ›

According to Hubspot, the three best lead sources for B2B companies are SEO (14%), email marketing (13%), and social media (12%). B2C, on the other hand, gets more leads from traditional advertising, social media, and email.

How is social media marketing effective for B2B companies? ›

In 2021, a large number of B2B marketers surveyed reported that content marketing and social media helped them: Create brand awareness - 87% Build credibility and trust - 81% Educate their audience - 79%

What are the benefits of social media marketing in B2B business? ›

One of the top benefits of B2B social media marketing is its ability to stimulate brand-customer interactions. Social media offers a platform for customers and clients to reach out directly to businesses by commenting on posts, submitting user-generated content, sending direct messages, and more.

Which social media is best for brand awareness? ›

Facebook is the perfect platform for increasing brand awareness. With over 2 billion active users, Facebook boasts the largest audience of any social media platform. Furthermore, Facebook's algorithm is designed to show users content that is relevant to their interests.

How does TikTok increase brand awareness? ›

Unlike other social media platforms and marketing channels, TikTok prioritizes videos from content creators people have never seen before. It means the platform gives you a greater opportunity to increase your brand awareness among people without prior information about your offerings.

How does instagram help brand awareness? ›

Here are seven ways you can use Instagram marketing to enhance brand awareness:
  1. Utilize Your Instagram Business Tools. ...
  2. Know Your Target Audience and What Makes Them Tick. ...
  3. Get Creative with Content. ...
  4. Use Influential Marketing. ...
  5. Pay Attention to Responses, Comments, and Feedback. ...
  6. Host Contests and Giveaways.
Jun 22, 2022

What is Coca Cola's brand awareness? ›

Understanding Brand Awareness

About 7.1 billion people would recognize the Coca-Cola logo if you showed it to them. That is 94% of the population of the Earth, which is staggering considering that only half of the earth recognizes the cross as a symbol of Christianity.

What is Nike brand awareness? ›

How high is the brand awareness of Nike in the United States? When it comes to sports and outdoor online shop users, brand awareness of Nike is at 95% in the United States. The survey was conducted using the concept of aided brand recognition, showing respondents both the brand's logo and the written brand name.

What is a brand awareness campaign on Facebook? ›

The awareness objective is for campaigns where you want to show ads to people who are most likely to remember them. Choose the awareness objective if you want to: Increase brand awareness or change brand perception. Show your ad to as many people in your audience as possible.

How does Red Bull create brand awareness? ›

Red Bull's ability to stay true to its branding and values makes them successful.
  1. Maximizing The Idea Behind Their Tagline. ...
  2. Keeping Consistent Visual Branding. ...
  3. Letting Values Be Their Guide. ...
  4. Building A Strong Content Core. ...
  5. Creating Content Around What Their Audience Loves. ...
  6. Revamping The Way They Use Traditional Media.
Sep 19, 2022

What are the 3 key strategies of Coca-Cola? ›

Strategic goals of the Coca-Cola Company
  • Gain more consumers.
  • Gain market share, especially in hot drinks.
  • Strengthen stakeholder impact.
  • Equip the organisation to win.

What branding strategy does Coca-Cola use? ›

Coca-Cola used to focus its strategy on the three A's: availability, acceptability, and affordability. While these provided for tremendous growth, they also led to lowered entry barriers. Today, Coca-Cola's mantra is the three P's: preference, pervasive penetration, and price-related value.

Which one is a biggest example of B2B? ›

Manufacturing materials, clothing, car parts and semiconductors are B2B examples. These materials are a part of the transactions between two businesses.

What is the biggest B2B marketplace in the US? ›

Amazon Business

Amazon Business is a platform for buyers to purchase items from other businesses. Mostly used for business-owned purchases (rather than discovering inventory to resell), it's one of the biggest B2B marketplaces in the world. Amazon Business is forecasted to reach $83 billion in GMV by 2025.

What is an example of B2B marketing? ›

In the business-to-business model, businesses and organizations exchange goods and services. For example, one company may contract with another business to provide the raw materials needed to manufacture a product.

What is B2B social media trends 2023? ›

The most important social media trends for marketers in 2023 range from social search to the rise of niche creators, and from predictive analytics to virtual influencers. B2B companies will also make good use of social: especially by humanizing their communications and leveraging influencers.

What are the key success factors for B2B social media? ›

It's rare that you find a B2B company that has crushed it on social media platforms.
  • Set an objective in your B2B social media marketing strategy. This is simple. ...
  • Humanize Your Brand. ...
  • Share Unique Content is a B2B Social Media Best Practice. ...
  • Sharing Outside Content. ...
  • Create a Written Strategy. ...
  • Examine your efforts!
Oct 22, 2019

What are 4 efficient lead generation strategies for B2B marketers? ›

Here are some of the most effective B2B lead generation strategies:
  • Social Media. Social media isn't just for B2C. ...
  • Follow Emails with Direct Mail. ...
  • PPC. ...
  • Encourage Sharing on Social Media. ...
  • Live Chat. ...
  • Live Video Streaming. ...
  • Personalized Videos. ...
  • Free Incentives.

What are the 3 main market leadership competitive strategies in B2B? ›

Three Competitive-Strategy Actions For B2B Marketers To Take In...
  • Know yourself. It may seem strange, but I often see companies trying to go in a direction that doesn't align with their core competencies. ...
  • Know your competitors. ...
  • Play to your strengths.
Dec 5, 2022

What type of content is the most effective for B2B marketing? ›

Podcasts and webinars are excellent B2B content formats for delivering information, demonstrating expertise, and entertaining your target audience. They're also a great opportunity to capture some all-important customer data during the signup process or when encouraging viewers/listeners to send in questions.

Why do many B2B companies encourage customer to customer engagement through social media? ›

Successful B2B companies use social media to connect with their followers. Instead of solely sharing promotional posts, the content you share should encourage conversation and connection with your audience. This approach lets followers—your potential clients and customers—feel listened to and engaged with your brand.

How do social media generate B2B leads? ›

The 15 Best Ways to Generate B2B Leads on Social Media
  1. Using Facebook and LinkedIn lead forms.
  2. Setting up sequential, retargeting video ads.
  3. Retargeting non-converting visitors with offers.
  4. Retargeting your email subscriber list with tripwire offers.
  5. Driving traffic to webinars and video tripwire offers.
Nov 24, 2022

Is TikTok good for brand awareness? ›

Tiktok is a platform for communities. Whether it's booktok or sciencetok. There is always a corner of the app full of people looking for your product or service. An active account on the platform can boost your brand awareness, connect you with new audiences and promote your products.

What are the three types of brand awareness? ›

There are mainly three types of Brand Awareness – brand recall, brand recognition, brand dominance.

What is Nike's social media strategy? ›

One of the key elements of Nike's social media strategy is its willingness to experiment with different content formats. This includes using videos, graphics, or other types of multimedia to showcase their products and stories. By using a variety of content formats, Nike can keep its audience engaged in its content.

How does lululemon create brand awareness? ›

Lululemon's design is an important reason for the high-end brand image. It not only sells products but also promotes yoga, sports, and a healthy lifestyle and spirit. Its packaging bags are filled with various inspirational slogans and life attitude slogans. This avoids product homogeneity and establishes a brand.

How do influencers improve brand awareness? ›

Influencers grow brand awareness among their followers and beyond through brand endorsement, product placement, and mentions on their social networks. Therefore, influencer marketing is an online marketing strategy whereby brands leverage the reach of an online influencer to sell their product or service.

How does twitter increase brand awareness? ›

Consistent Twitter Presence

People will start to recognize your profile picture and posts, which is part of your brand. The more often you post, the more people will recognize you.

What is the impact of social media on brand awareness? ›

From the present study it can be known that social media plays a very prominent role in creating brand awareness among the users and it is also known that brand awareness has a significant impact on creation of purchase intension among the users.

Why is social media a good way to raise awareness? ›

Spreading Awareness

Social media can create a platform for sharing stories, narratives, and photos, providing facts and data in a consumable way, which engages an audience by helping them understand. The work to create awareness helps to build a community around an issue.

Why is brand awareness important in B2B? ›

Brand awareness provides the ultimate foundation for customer acquisition. It's top of the marketing funnel and has the ability to increase the span of your audience reach, enabling potential buyers to hear your message while nurturing those most interested in it.

What is B2B awareness? ›

Quantitative B2B Brand Awareness Measurements

Consumers discover brands through sources like social media and digital advertising, so this can give you a clue as to how well your marketing efforts are working to raise brand awareness. Because if they're aware of your URL, they're aware of your brand.

How can a business build brand awareness? ›

9 ways to improve brand awareness
  1. Build a recognizable brand.
  2. Tell a brand story.
  3. Create value beyond your product.
  4. Create shareable content.
  5. Contribute to your community.
  6. Offer a freebie.
  7. Run social media contests.
  8. Work with the social algorithms.
Aug 11, 2022

How is brand awareness created? ›

Brand awareness refers to the familiarity of consumers with a particular product or service. A brand awareness campaign seeks to familiarize the public with a new or revised product and differentiate it from the competition. Social media has become an important new tool in brand awareness marketing.

What is top of mind awareness in B2B? ›

Top of mind awareness is defined as the first brand name that comes to someone's mind when asked about a specific industry. Being top of mind is a huge deal for a brand. It means that consumers not only recall your brand and recognize it, but they think of it first over your competitors.

What is most important B2B marketing? ›

B2B marketing targets the needs, interests, and challenges of individuals who are making purchases on behalf of, or for, their organization (rather than for themselves), thus making the organization the customer.

What makes a great B2B brand? ›

The strongest B2B brands build highly relevant and hard-to-replicate experiences. From the first impressions they make in the relationship building and early evaluation phase, how they integrate with their customer's business, the expertise and problem-solving they bring, it is all connected back to their brand.

What is B2B example? ›

Manufacturing materials, clothing, car parts and semiconductors are B2B examples. These materials are a part of the transactions between two businesses.

What are the 3 types of brand awareness? ›

There are mainly three types of Brand Awareness – brand recall, brand recognition, brand dominance.

How do you run a successful brand awareness campaign? ›

16 ideas for your next brand awareness campaign
  1. Develop a strong tone of voice. ...
  2. Start with referral programs. ...
  3. Make the most out of influencer marketing. ...
  4. Double down on SEO and content marketing. ...
  5. Use your branding everywhere. ...
  6. Start partnerships with relevant businesses. ...
  7. Be engaged on social media.
Oct 24, 2022

What is brand awareness on social media? ›

Brand awareness is a social media metric that captures how likely people are to be aware of your brand. You can measure brand awareness for any given period by tracking the amount of attention your brand gets online in the form of mentions and engagement.

How do influencers increase brand awareness? ›

Influencers grow brand awareness among their followers and beyond through brand endorsement, product placement, and mentions on their social networks. Therefore, influencer marketing is an online marketing strategy whereby brands leverage the reach of an online influencer to sell their product or service.


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